Lapua Scenar – a good hunting bullet?

I’ve been using Scenar bullets for target shooting from day one and I’m really happy with the results.
Some time ago I started wondering if they are also suitable for hunting applications, even Lapua stated they are simply non-hunting bullets.
After some research online, it looks like many people are happy with the results.

The Scenars are not just a small hollow point at the tip of the bullet, but because of Lapua’s intention for a high ballistic coefficient, they made them longer, without actually being heavier.
The result is a significant empty space below the jacket at the front:  

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DIY body die from full-length sizing die

I’m often using a combination between body die and separate neck sizing die for my rifle cases, more precisely Lee Collet dies.
The reason is that I like collet sizing, which is less stress on the brass neck and at the same time I want the case body to be always on the specs and to avoid resistance when operating with the rifle bolt.

I have only Redding body dies and I’m not sure if any other popular manufacturer offers such, but I couldn’t find even Redding one, I guess.. still related to the supply shortage last year(s).
So I decided to create one myself – from a full length sizing die.

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DIY Case Lube

Sizing the body of bottleneck cases requires lube so the case won’t stick into the die.
The lubrication is pretty straight forward using lube pad. But it’s annoying, time wasting, can’t use on a progressive press and requires washing after sizing.

How about making this process much easier and actually suitable for a progressive press?
It’s not a new concept of course, but when I started searching for a solution, the materials wasn’t available in my area and I struggled a bit before finding a solution.

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Steel Bluing Methods

There is a lot of information on the internet about steel bluing processes and types, but I’ll try to summarize in one single post.

Steel bluing or steel oxidation is a chemical process that creates a protection layer on the surface of the material, which behaves like a corrosion resistant coating.
It’s often used in firearms parts in order to (partially) prevent rusting and also to give a better finish.

Lets see some of the most popular types of bluing, what is the exact process and check their pros and cons.

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3D Printed Bullet Feeder Tutorial and price breakdown

In reloading, especially when talking about pistol calibers, speed is everything.
If your shooting rate is high, automatization pays back really fast. But the initial investment sometimes is way too high.
Depends on the brand, but you can go from a single stage press and a set of dies for around 100-120€ total, to several thousands for a progressive press with full automation.

In this post I’ll share a 3D project for a bullet feeder I found online and what I used to make it fully functional.

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FMJ vs Copper Plated Bullets – what’s the difference?

When talking pistol bullets, there are two main types on the market – Full Metal Jacket and Copper Plated bullets.
So why they both exists, what’s the difference and which one is for you?
We’ll try to cover these questions in this post.

In order to make a comparison, we’ll use two particular famous bullets from LOS manufacturer – 9mm 124gr FMJ and 9mm 123gr Copper Plated.

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Nightforce ATACR 4-20×50 F1 – TREMOR3 – Hands On Review

In the beginning of this year Nightforce released a new member of the ATACR family: 4-20×50 F1. It looks like the idea is to fill the gap between the other models.

If you are interested in some impressions, wait no more and please read bellow. 🙂

Our particular model is equipped with the TREMOR3 reticle.

All specs and what’s in the box you can find in the Nightforce website here. We’ll try to cover everything that is not written there.

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A star is born – LOS 55gr FMJ BT 22cal – 224 bullet

When we talk dynamic shooting (IPSC etc) it’s always about value.
Practicing drills on a close range means you wanna shoot a lot, but you don’t want to break the bank. There are many great bullets out there, but when the shooting rate is high, every cent counts.
Usually good price means somehow discredited in terms of quality. Not anymore with the brand new LOS bullet – 55gr FMJ BT.
It’s affordable, but can compete or even beat some of the much more expensive rivals out there.

Lets have a closer look of how it performs and what you can expect from it.

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Fresh new supplies from LOS bullets

We are happy to announce that there are fresh new quantities from LOS bullets.
Various pistol and rifle calibers are now in stock.

The most popular choice so far is the 124 gr FMJ 9mm from our partner LOS bullets.
Affordable, yet very consistent, the FMJ variant is a popular choice among sports shooters.

It’s also the very first time we have in stock the newest bullet from LOS – 22 cal 55gr FMJ.
Standard Boat Tail FMJ design, good weight for short and mid-ranges.
We already had a chance to test it and we’ll gonna publish the results in a separate post as a mini review.