DIY Case Lube

Sizing the body of bottleneck cases requires lube so the case won’t stick into the die.
The lubrication is pretty straight forward using lube pad. But it’s annoying, time wasting, can’t use on a progressive press and requires washing after sizing.

How about making this process much easier and actually suitable for a progressive press?
It’s not a new concept of course, but when I started searching for a solution, the materials wasn’t available in my area and I struggled a bit before finding a solution.

So if you search online, you’ll most likely find a “recipe” including liquid lanolin (lanolin oil).

Well.. I didn’t find any liquid lanolin in my area, only lanolin grease, which does not work.
So after some searching I finally found the correct alternative that not just works, but it’s also very cheap – talking about Castor oil.

So the recipe goes like this:
Castor oil
– 95% or more alcohol

It usually goes 1:10 mix in a spray tube. Then apply on the cases and.. that’s it.

I pretty much do not wash later, in worst case just wipe with a dry cloth if I was too aggressive with the spraying. 🙂
I have really old cases that was sized after this mix and they are pretty fine on the surface.