DIY body die from full-length sizing die

I’m often using a combination between body die and separate neck sizing die for my rifle cases, more precisely Lee Collet dies.
The reason is that I like collet sizing, which is less stress on the brass neck and at the same time I want the case body to be always on the specs and to avoid resistance when operating with the rifle bolt.

I have only Redding body dies and I’m not sure if any other popular manufacturer offers such, but I couldn’t find even Redding one, I guess.. still related to the supply shortage last year(s).
So I decided to create one myself – from a full length sizing die.

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Steel Bluing Methods

There is a lot of information on the internet about steel bluing processes and types, but I’ll try to summarize in one single post.

Steel bluing or steel oxidation is a chemical process that creates a protection layer on the surface of the material, which behaves like a corrosion resistant coating.
It’s often used in firearms parts in order to (partially) prevent rusting and also to give a better finish.

Lets see some of the most popular types of bluing, what is the exact process and check their pros and cons.

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